These round munchies are your best bet for any of your random food cravings. Grab a pack and take yourself to a mini-food festival.

Whillies – Chatakaa Tamatar

Get the hit of a tangy chatakaa with every bit of this flavourful snack. We bet you’d crave for more with every bite.

Whillies – Patakaa Masala

Doesn’t it feel like a yummy blast when a number of flavours tickle all your taste buds at once. Get that exact feeling with Whillies Patakaa Masala. Your taste buds are in for ride with this one!


Just like their shape, these circular munchies will make you reach back to the pack again and again until you empty it down. Flavoured with the best selection of spices, this is sure to make your mood mazzaledar! Get silly with these interesting curvy snacks- eat them from over your fingers or balance them on your tongue.

Chin Chin Choo

Different from all, yet a winner; this one will take you on a flavour ride to China! It’s made from all the Chinese spices and flavours that give you the feel of an authentic Chinese meal. Open up to some oriental flavours with Sunny’s Chin Chin Choo.

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