Potato Chips

Potato Chips

Made from best quality potatoes straight from the farm, Sunny’s chips are our freshest and crispiest take on potato wafers. Our chips come in four amazing flavours

Seedha Salty/ Simply Salted

The simplest of all, but the classiest. Seedha Salty are the classic potato chips that you’ve been relishing for your entire life. Fresh potatoes mildly salted with pure iodised salt. Devour on these chips directly from the pack or use them to make your boring food interesting.

Tedha Masala/ Twisted Masala

A range of assorted spices sprinkled on freshly fried chips builds a twisted tale of flavours in your mouth. Get crazy and creative with this mouth-watering snack. Choose to make your boring cheese sandwich masaledaar with these naughty wafers or just enjoy them with a cheesy dip.

Golmaal Tamatar

Sweet, tangy, hot… every flavour would burst and battle inside your mouth. With every crunch, keep pondering which one wins. Be it a craving for tomato chutney or just a flavour-loaded treat, Golmaal tamatar is here for your rescue.

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